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To continually improve our performance and better meet your needs we would appreciate your opinion of how we are doing.  Please indicate the extent to which you agree, or disagree with the following statements about the products and services you receive from Temptronic.

Using the scale below, please check off the number which best reflects your opinion on each statement. Thank you for your time and consideration in completing this survey. We will use the results to improve our performance in the future.

1 – I strongly disagree with this statement. (SD)
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3 – I neither agree nor disagree with this statement. (N)

4 – I agree with this statement. (A)
5 -  I strongly agree with this statement.  (SA)

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 1. My orders normally are delivered on time.
 2. My orders are normally delivered complete.
 3. I found the manual to be useful and well written.
 4. Installing the product was easily accomplished.
 5. The product met its’ published specifications.
 6. The product was easy to operate.
 7. The product met my expectations.
 8. The company responds quickly to service calls.
 9. Replacement parts are available when I need them.
10. Temptronic products are generally reliable.
11. I have relatively few problems with Temptronic products.                  
12. Repairs are normally done in a reasonable time period.                  
13. Overall, I am satisfied with Temptronic Products.                  
14. Overall, I am satisfied with Temptronic Service.                  

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