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TP04100A Thermostream

system (-20/+225˚C)

Benchtop Thermal Test Systems

Test and characterize components, hybrids, and modules at the tester site or on a PCB at precise temperature with our convenient benchtop systems.

  • Precise temperature control at the DUT
  • Compact system for tabletop use.
  • Portable between test sites.
  • Hand-held thermal wand for convenience and flexibility in directing temperature to the DUT.
  • Versatility: Interchangeable adapters and shrouds adapt the system for testing DUTs of various sizes and configurations.
  • For hands-free operation, an optional benchstand is available with Model TP41A and TP04100A ThermoStream Systems.

See Benchtop Thermal Systems Comparison Table

ThermoStream Systems

Model TP04100A and TP41 Systems combine a precisely controlled thermal airstream with a flexible

hand-held thermal wand for bringing temperature to a component, hybrid or module.


Model TP04100A System-20�/ +225�C


Quick, convenient testing and cycling of components, modules, hybrids and MCMs with thermal precision.

  • Patented DUT Dual Loop temperature control directly at the DUT.
  • Operate with shrouds and/or thermal cap
  • Thermal cycling: Create and save up to 10 test sets
  • User-defined " At Temperature" Windows
  • IEEE-488, RS232 and SOT/EOT/SFF remote interfaces
  • CE Compliant

Model TP41A+30�/ +150�C

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Isolates an individual component on a printed circuit board at temperature for fault isolation.
  • Flexible airjet wand and shroud creates localized thermal environment at the DUT.

See the TP41 and TP04100A datasheets



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