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Thermal Inducing Systems

Temperature Range:

-20° to +225°C


  • Airflow Rate: 2 to 6 scfm ( 1 to 3 l/s)
  • Create up to 10 ramp/soak/cycle thermal test routines
  • Intuitive, user-friendly menu control
  • Temperature Control Modes: Air or Patented DUT Dual Loop Control˛
  • DUT Control Sensors: Type T or Type K ThermoCouple
  • Modes of Operation: Two: Manual Operation for cycling at Hot/Ambient/Cold; Program Operation for setting thermal cycling sequences, "At Temperature" Windows and other parameters.
  • Remote interfaces: IEEE.488, RS232, and ST/EOT
  • Thermal Cap provides a localized thermal test environment, protecting from moisture condensation at the DUT site.
  • Handheld thermal wand for flexibility in bringing temperature to device; optional bench stand for hands-free operation
  • Compact, portable system fits benchtop
  • CE Compliant and CFC-free

  ˛ US Patent no. 4,734,872

Options & Accessories

Thermal Wand Stand Assembly
For added stability and hands-free operation, the thermal wand may be secured in this stand assembly which mounts directly to the controller cabinet. The stand rotates to 340° and expands and locks for stable, proper coupling to the test site.

To protect from moisture condensation and frost at the DUT site, the optional single-wall glass thermal cap attaches to the Thermal Wand ensuring proper coupling to the DUT and a localized thermal test environment.

Benchmount Stand Assembly (BSA)
Attaching directly to a bench or tabletop, the BSA holds the thermal wand securely in place for convenience in positioning the thermal wand at the benchtop for operation.

Pneumatic Wand Lift Assembly
Automates the raising and lowering of the Thermal Wand for the loading and unloading of the DUT.

ThermoComm™ Software
For remote operation of the TP04100A via a personal computer operating on a WINDOWS 98© or WINDOWS NT© operating system, ThermoComm provides a user-friendly, graphical, windows-driven user interface for control of all system functions. ThermoComm adds data logging and graphical display capabilities for monitoring system status and capturing test results.

Custom Thermal Test Enclosure (CTTE)
Custom Thermal Test Enclosures provide a frost-free environment for testing components, modules, small subassemblies, printed circuit boards and MCMs over the full -20° to +225°C temperature range. Patented probe-through windows permit the probing of the PCB or subassembly while it is held at precise temperature in the CTTE thermal environment -55° to +125°C. See CTTE Applications Notes.

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