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Thermal Inducing Systems

Model TP04300A high power, full featured airstream system delivers controlled temperature with speed and precision to small and large devices, modules, PCBs and assemblies for thermal cycling, profiling and testing.

Temperature Range*:

-80° to +225°C

System Performance:

  • Airflow: High capacity 9 l/s (18 scfm) continuous airflow optimizes temperature transition rate and throughput.
  • Typical Temperature transition rate:
    -55° to +125°C: approximately 7 seconds
    +125° to -55°C: approximately 20 seconds
  • Temperature Control: Air or Patented DUT Dual Loop directly at the DUT case to ±0.1°C
  • DUT Sensor Ports: Four: Internal Diode, Type T or Type K thermocouple, and 100 ohm RTD
  • Temperature set, display and resolution: ±0.1°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: 1.0°C ( calibrated to NIST standard)
  • Remote interface ports: Four: IEEE-488, RS232C, SOT/EOT/SFF, Ethernet.

*Note 1: Due to the use of HCFC-free refrigerants with 50 Hz systems, the ultimate low temperature capacity of 50 Hz systems will be up to 5&C warmer than 60 Hz systems.

Operating Features:

  • User Control at Color Touch-screen at front panel or via remote interface
  • Two modes of operation:
  • Operator Mode: Test and cycle at Hot/Ambient/Cold temperatures
  • Cycling Mode: Utilize up to 18 thermal cycling sequences, graphing, datalogging, and other advanced features.
  • User-defined "At Temperature" Windows, airflow rate, Air or DUT Temperature Control
  • Thermal head raising and lowering: Pneumatic control; also manually adjustable
  • Arm/manipulator movement: manual locking, Rotates 330 degrees around base for positioning; extends to 139cm (55 in.)
  • Thermal Cycling Sequences: Set up to 18 cycling routines in sequence on one table.
  • Hard drive or diskette storage of test set-up files for quick recall and test repeatability.
  • Documentation: Color graphing, Automated datalogging to hard disk and/or diskettes
  • Peripheral ports for user-supplied printer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • CFC-free for all systems; HCFC-free for all 50 Hz Systems
  • CE Approved and SEMI S2-93A compliant


  • Test and cycle a DUT under a variety of conditions, creating test sets of up to 18 cycling sequences. Graphing, datalogging and printer port features assist in documentation.
  • For 24 hr/ 7 day test environments, the TP04300A's high capacity airflow and DUT thermal precision ensure high throughput with consistent repeatability. Operator's Mode ensures quick set-up for testing at up to three temperatures.
  • Thermal source for applications requiring precisely controlled thermal air, including the ThermoFixture® enclosure/ATE interface for thermally testing PCB, modules, assemblies, digital, high frequency (RF, microwave), and high power devices.

Options & Accessories

Custom Thermal Test Enclosure (CTTE)

Custom Thermal Test Enclosures provide a frost-free environment for testing components, modules, small subassemblies, printed circuit boards and MCMs over the full -80° to +225°C temperature range. Patented probe-through windows permit the probing of the PCB or subassembly while it is held at precise temperature in the CTTE thermal environment, from -55°C to +125°C.

 – Click here for Data Sheets / Application Notes on CTTE.

Flexible Extender

extends the reach of the ThermoStream Thermal head. Available in standard and "ThermoFixture Quick-Disconnect" configuration.

ThermoWand Assembly

Handheld thermal wand connects to ThermoStream head for testing individual devices on a PCB or at the tester site. Thermal shrouds of various sizes adapt the ThermoWand for the DUT.

For other options and accessories (i.e. thermal caps, shrouds and insulation kits), please contact Temptronic directly.

See TP04300 Brochure and Datasheet

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