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ThermoStream® Series
Model TP4500 System
Model TP4500 System
ThermoStream® Series

Compact Thermal System

for Testing

from -45˚ to +225˚C

The smaller footprint and convenience of the TP4500 System make this system ideal for use in all laboratories or production facilities for testing, characterization and failure analysis of devices and PCBs to commercial / industrial specifications.

For temperature cycling with fast transitions and high airflow at all temperatures, the TP4500 provides the necessary environment to quickly thermally test devices of any size and power dissipation from small NAND Flash to larger high power devices and PCBs.

  The compact mobile, TP4500 ThermoStream® has a very small footprint, and mounts easily to the benchtop or workstation. (cart not included)      


  Ideal for:

  • Device characterization, testing  and failure analysis at temperature.
  • Production Test Facilities
  • Engineering Labs
  • All device types and power dissipations.
  • Facilities with limited power and compressed air supply











  • Wide -45˚ to +225˚C temperature range

  • High adjustable airflow (up to 10 scfm) at full temperature range

  • Fast temperature transitions: -40˚ to +225˚C in less than 12 seconds

  • Proprietary Dual Loop Control manages the temperature directly at the device.

  • 115V and 230V systems available.

  • 15 Amp and 20 Amp systems available.

  • No LN2 or CO2 required.

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