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Bring Temperature to your Test with ThermoChuck



Precision Thermal Chuck Platform Systems



Probe your semiconductor wafers at high and low temperatures at the wafer probing station.   Whether probing at high temperatures to +300�C or Moisture-free Cold Probing, Temptronic ThermoChucks are the most high precision, reliable chucks in the industry.  Performing with exceptional temperature stability and uniformity across the entire chuck surface, ThermoChuck Systems make wafer testing at temperature simple and convenient.



ThermoChuck Systems are available in a variety of temperature ranges and configurations to meet your specific test requirements:


�  -65� to +300�C

�  Up to 300mm diameter

�  Low noise, high isolation configurations available

�  Available in configurations for most major (automatic and semi-automatic) probing stations

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  TP03500 Series ThermoChuck� Systems (-65�/+200�C; +300�C available)   TP3000A ThermoChuck  System (-65�/ +200�C)

TP03500 Series ThermoChuck Systems

(-65�/+200�C; +300�C available)

  TP3000A  ThermoChuck  System (-65�/ +200�C)

Temptronic pioneered the original ThermoChuck over 30 years ago and is a worldwide leader in thermal test technologies.  Call Temptronic today!   We are pleased to assist you in choosing the best solution for bringing precise temperature to your test.




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