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Bring Temperature to your Test with ThermoStream



High Speed, High Capacity

Mobile Thermal Airstream Systems



Add precise temperature to your test!  Test your components, MCMs, PCBs and assemblies at high and low temperatures quickly and conveniently at your benchtop or tester.  The TP04300 Series Systems also provide a high capacity temperature source for portable ThermoChambers using MobileTemp.



� Variety of systems and temperature ranges available

� Up to 18 scfm continuous airflow capacity

� Fast temperature transition rates with no LN2 or CO2

� Systems are mobile for portability between workstations or labs.

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TP04300 Series ThermoStream� Systems (-90�/+225C)


TP04300 Series

ThermoStream Systems



TP4500 ThermoStream Systems (-45�/+225C)



ThermoStream Systems


  Temptronic Systems have been providing precise Temperature on the Spot for production testing, design verification, quality assurance, commercial and MilSpec testing for over 30 years. Call us today! We are pleased to assist  you in choosing the best solution for your thermal testing.



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